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Corporate Enterpreneurship .. How Sorry !

Corporate Entrepreneurship or Missed Entrepreneurship  Opportunity : Story of a typical MBA  recruit !

1. This is a student who is just passing out, circa Feb 2020 !  Two more months to pass out .

Got placed for Rs 20  Odd lakhs . In a reputed company . The job title  offered is Enterpreneur In Residence ( EIR  ! ) . Seems new job title . Yes it is new job title.  Need to join in the job in the next two months or so !  By April end or so !

Student started thinking of future.. Will he be successful in the role of EIR !

The job involves, one to undertake an enterprise as part of the initial working in the company. Employer will offer needed resources for starting  the enterprise . But the idea must come from the recruit ! It is the responsibility of the student to implement the enterprise as part of the company . The name of the job is.. Corporate Entrepreneurship ! 



2.  Student called   the faculty  and sought the faculty  help . ! Student had two more months of time to join the company . But already he has started to think of his future job and the work  ! What is the idea to start ! If the idea is not good , then what will happen to him  ! Will the company continue the job of EIR  or ask  him to leave ?

3. The student earlier has done Enterpreneurship  course  with me. Students has not done anything significant in the course. When I asked why your work is  not noticed as part of entrp course ,  there is almost No response ! I was fearful to tell that I m interested . !

4.  Student tells ,, earlier some work is done in enterpreneurshp. developed a product and also sold in the market . there was a partner and enterprise was run in the name of partner.  Student claims that there  was capital share in the firm. but it was informal.

5. Wants to know how to register the firm ?
This is typical story of a MBA.. Companies offer jobs to the enterprising students . What is needed is that they need to carry out enterprising for the employers !

If the recruits need to  launch an enterprise .. then ..

1. Why not they do this on their own ?
2. Why they should do it as part of the enterprise !
3. How to do the same if the students want to do on their own rather than taking shelter with an employer ?
4. How come a recruit who can run the company for a company but cannot run his/ her own enterprise ?
5. What is the strategy of company to offer EIR jobs.. rather than typical jobs !  Why it is done ? What is the advantage to the company ? What is the advantage to the student ?


Monday, December 9, 2019

Enterpriisng Acad System at NITIE FIVE things

NITIE Mumbai Student Startups - How and Why?

Students have  great ideas to start their  starups but they dont !
Students have energy and needed hardwork to make a startup work , but they dont do .. WHY ?
Students is the right time to start startups, but they dont ? Do you know why ?

Reason is ACADEMIC !

Academic dont allow them to do so. Many times academics pose hindrances for the students to start their startups !
NITIE Academic system embed student startups as part of academic learning. Hence, NITIE Students do their student startups when they are students !
NO need for.... Searching for Business ideas ! Risk taking ? Hard and extra work ! Resource requirement !  No need to sacrifice the academic learning, No need to sacrifice placement ! No need for interest in entrepreneurship !  NO need to become an enterpreneur !

Rather  the student becomes best student ! What ever one wants to become one can use the startup for ones advantage . If a student want to become a employee yes, one can make use of the startup to get best placement !
Learning Value Chain !

Visualizing  hundreds and thousands of curricular activities, experiences, assignments, experiments carried out by the learners as '  sequentially connected and complementary ones, resulting  BEST USE and REAL CASH VALUE to the learnes !

Is it anything wrong to visualise so ! Is it not possible to do so ! Is it not required for a student !
One who studies at NITIE, automatically develops an  ENTERPRNEURIAL MINDSET ! Yes.
There are fair chances !  It is the track record .

Does this mean NITIE is E School ?  NO.
Is there a incubation center which is the reason for this  ?  No.
Do NITIE  arrange resources for  this to happen ? No.
If NITIE guide students to pick up a good idea  and implement it  ? No.
Is it that the NITIE pick up entrepreneurial  students with extra passion, working, risk taking and hence, enterpreneurs ? No.

How come the students become entrepreneurial when so many NOs are as responses !

FIVE things first  ! 

1.  It is said ……… become enterpreneur ,  One needs .. Icha, Tamanna, Layak, Kshamat, Junoon, Josh, Hardwork, Resoruces, Risk appetite, Mentoring and many more need to create a startup and to become an entrepreneur !  Shit !  Yes.. Non sense  ! 
Most people cant do startups because of these reasons  !  

2. Many students who are  keen about entrepreneurship may launch  startups if they get support !  But the support is ZERO !  Hence, they dont start  the startups !  

Scene in NITIE is very different !  NITIE Has magic to make possible to do startups without needing any  resources , background, and work experience, etc. 

3.   If you take admission in  NITIE ( Behoshi)  students unware and unknowlgnly  start thinking of enterpreneurship !  This is what happens at NITIE.  If you entered the college , bas, Enterprising gus jai gayega !  Ye NITIE ka 
Jalwa !

4. Kaaran,  Padnae ka dang haisa hao ,  Dandha  chad jathe hai !  
Padna ka Rastha waisi hai, Aisa Banaya gaya !  
Padanae ka dang hee enterprising mode pae hai !

5. Startup banana aasan, avaleel karvaaya !


2. Many things considered essential   for entrepreneurship in reality do not exist at nitie. Surprising thing ! Examples include..

NITIE does not have .. INCUBATION !
NITIE alum are not handhold the way typical startups in market are done.
NITIE does not have a chair professor who dedicatedly works for enterpreneurhsip !

The proof is that enterpreneurship flourishes with many other alternate ways  too !

Proof is.. Several NITIANs become entrepreneurs ! 

500 Alum  enterprises in the last 12 to 15 yrs or so ! 

However, there is vibrant enterpreneurship at nitie. How come this possible ? What will account for this ? 
What accounts for this feat of NITIE for this achievements ? 
What NITIE has  which other institutions dont have ?

Trend is, they join the jobs and leave their  jobs and start ventures after working for some time. May be 1 to 2 years. This is the scheme that is envisaged  and worked out planned manner  at NITIE.

NITIANs alum couples both join the jobs, one leave the job quickly and the other start supporting the enterprising spouse ! 

Most of the alum have done ENTERPRISING  being a Student at NITIE. This is the CENTRAL thing that need to be noted. How tiny and micro does not matter ! But it was done ! 
3. Fundamental Beliefs of NITIE on Enterpreneurship  Education are DIFFERENT !

1.  Enterprising need  not mean  Enterpreneurship alone
2.  Selling  and Earning are directly related to enterprising 
3.  Enterprising is not content and subject. It is a way of life, and inculcated through a way of learning and  certain methods of learning are intervened  as part of learning 
4. Enterprising is for all but not exclusive  to FEW  who are interested in it
5. Learning process  is invariably VALUE emitting one .  Academic learning need to be designed to recognise, collect, connect and organise the same so that value does not go in drain. Projects made in academics can be extended to be converted into Products and Profits to students

Combining all this innovative thoughts together a Super Teacher brand called 1 / 12 Mandi Sir is being created . Students take inspiration from this teacher. NITIE Faculty emulate the philosophy of this model teacher. The NITIE Super Teacher model 1/ 12 Mandi has emerged a rennaince and rejuvenation of higher education  across the world . The imagined pic of the teacher is as following.
These FIVE   unique things  that Differentiate NITIE on Entrepreneurship ! 
1. 1/ 12 Mandi Sir:  Each faculty becomes a mandi sir, and help the students for enterprising. This is the most important feature . 
2. Maha Mandi Experience : Day long Field selling enterprising experience to all !  ( 450 out of 450 ). Most engaging learning. Lag Gaya - Dhandha ! 
3. Entrepreneurship Practicum : A focused practicum where students are guided on enterpreneruship practicum.  (100 out of 450 students )
4. 9 Months project  : 10 Students  out of 150 and 450   create their own startups
5. Summer Enterprise Project:  Interested try to get in!  ( 2 or 3 out of 450)
FEW  more things which surely have COMMON reasons !
6. 3 Months Field Project : 
7. Allum Mentoring : 
8. Mumbai Advantage 
9. Industry Connectedness 
10. Deferred Placement Policy 
Yet to introduce !  11. Enterprising Scholarship 

Infavour of Student Startups !

Placement Plus
Learning Maximised
Monetised Learning
No Risk Involved
No additional work .. How this is possible ! Series model of circuit !
- The plan here is .. that it wont happen …. For this there is innovation by 1/ 12 Mandi Sir at NITIE !

- Helps you Placement rather startup wont spoil the prospects !
- No extra effort, but what all the work one has to do will be  done as part of the startup ! .. Series
- No need for any money and resources ! .. Answer is Lean Startup !

A to Z of academic activity being carried out by the students is innovatively used as part of STARTUP ? How ?

- It is usual for the students to take to enterpreneurship and startup once their studies are completed.  It is noting new . An innovation in academic learning we can witness at nitie. Studies done by a typical student are automatically converted into a startup is the innovation we can witness at NITIE Mumbai.  There is no need for separate and additional effort one need to do for a startup.

Everything that a typical student is doing as part of academic learning will get converted into a startup ! 

In a typical two year PG studies program students study 30 to 40 courses, with one or two  year end immersion projects , writing several assignments and  examinations, in addition,  short quizzes, many tests etc.  Assume that two years program is a  typical CIRCUIT, the 30 to 40 academic courses  as the RESISTORS constituting as part of a overall STARTUP emergence of a entity with value.  Similar to voltage which makes a bulb  to glow, application of Knowledge, and practice of Skills by the learners done as part of  will go on adding value into the startup ! Important thing to be noted is that everything done as part of academic curriculum is not wasted rather captured and  but complementarily decked into creation of a valued startup !

In case, the bulb does not glow, it means that the resistors are not connected COMPLEMENTARILY, or the BULB is not working, or the resistors are not

This Student startup @ NITIE  is different to that of a typical startup !

- There is ZERO RISK capital involved in case of a student startup ! It is  sheer COMBINING and COMPLEMETNING all the WORKING done as part of academic learning !

-  Entrepreneurship Eco system is irrelevant to the Student Startups !

Monday, May 20, 2019

startup master class IIT K workshop

Greetings from the SMC team!!

We are happy to invite you to join us in our IIT Kanpur Alumni led
Flagship event Startup master Class |  Build Innovate Grow which is
non-commercial volunteer-driven initiative.

SMC Mumbai on 25th MAY 2019

Mumbai has been the finance capital of India and has been forefront in the
entrepreneurship domain. The city shall march towards one of its biggest
conclaves celebrating the entrepreneurial ecosystem created by IITK alumni
from around the world and startups in Maharashtra and surrounding areas.
It shall help us bring key areas of Startup India and Make in India alive
among the young aspiring entrepreneurs of Maharashtra.

In our XVII edition of SMC, we are focusing on startups from Fintech and
Media tech.

This event will allow us to bring forth expertise & approaches for
execution in the following key areas

How the Maharashtra government is helping the startup ecosystem
Fintech Industry
Media Technology
Fascinating stories of different successful entrepreneurs
The 17th Edition of SMC would witness participation from
Alumni and Experts as speakers and participants
Entrepreneurs, Startups, Incubates
Mentors, Investors, Incubators, Accelerators
State and central govt members

Following are the tracks of the event:

Main stage –with Captivating sessions by VCs and Entrepreneurs

Workshops – to bring the Energy, Tools, and Knowledge to this audience

Challenges – These are proposed by businesses and the government, inviting
entrepreneurs to participate in a real-world challenge

SMC Select – A platform for Startups to Pitch their idea/product to
various VCs / Investors. Top 10 teams shall be filtered and pitch from a
list of potential 150 companies.

1 - 1 with mentors – which was the hallmark of the previous event and we
had more than 250 One on One sessions between mentors and budding

Book your Ticket at and
apply for SMC SELECT

Look forward to you joining us on 25th May at 8 am onwards.

Best Regards,
Vikram Arora


M: +91 9354717301

Mandi and The Leanest Start Up @ NITIE

Maha Mandi @ NITIE : The Leanest Start Up

1.'Heroic Enterpreneurs / People make Great Enterprises' theory is Popular myth 

There are no Great people.. Great enterprises are built by people like you and me . These people have simple ideas,, started as they were, and what they have, It is test, retest, add on, grow,  iterations, how fast one can learn, how fast you set to learn . Pivot that matters..

Unit of progress in Mandi is different from  established management system... efficiently producing things  Vs. fast learning,  how fast one validating the learning 

All big things are made up of small / tiny things  

Learn .. Experiment ... Survive... Pivot...


There VISIONs ! It is invented ! Unearthed ! one more myth  ! 

Roots of lean start up... Validate the Learning 

Built, Measure, and Learn .. 
Do Opposite what u planned.. Learn, Measure, and Built 

- Through failing, learning is validated, taken to succeed ! 

Big Picture... ( V + S = Big picture ! 

Vision of Mandi .. Big picture of Mandi..( V + S )

Having Mandi...... 

Strategy is subject to change,
Strategy changes more often than Vision.. Vision never changes .

Define.. Startup ..

What is Mandi ? 

Mandi is startup is a setup, consciously designed + with a objective to make students to confront uncertainities and having outcomes either failures / successes but surely not FATAL ( allow to sustain / live / escape and continue ).....

Current academic learning is not  designed on this philosophy. 

Designed on  

- 100 % Certainties 
- No Success and No failure
- No outcomes .. ( Fatal and No fatal ) 
- High Dependencies . Everything is taught, Dependence on others for day to day survival
Success + Learning (Cannot be Fatal.. )

Success + No Learning (Cannot be Fatal..)
Failure + Learning  + ( Fatal.. and Finished
Failure + No Learning + ( Fatal and Finished )
Failure + Huge Learning ( Overcome FATALITY.. and Not got Finished and Survived for next rounds  ) .. Mandi is this form..



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ENT DEV ELECTIVE 2019 - 20 : STUDENT START UP @ NITIE;postID=4960207791353369800;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=20;src=postname 

Ent Dev Elective 2019 - 20: 
Student Start Up @ NITIE

SHOOT - SHOOT - SHOOT and ... then  THINK ! 
This works for Javani, not for Buzurg ! This is what young will do ! 
This is the way for YOUNG to  L E A R N  ! 
This is what we  believe ! 

Course Take aways.. 

- Walk out the course with your own enterprise, which is TINY, and CUTE , TESTED and  READY for SCALE UP  ! 

- Course contents are applied with an intention to LEARN  through EXPERIMENTATION, You are going to  practice the contents as part of your startup ! 

-  Developed a small band of young friends who had worked  with you on the startup and might become partners in your enterprise !

- With experience of launching and running an enterprise.. Minus, to Zero to One and More than One .. ! 

-  You built a SPECIAITY of yourself by differentiating amongst the other students in your batch !  

- You will achieve.. Many  in  One.. :  GRADE + (L)EARNING + Friendships + Future in your fist !
About the course: 

This course is  DOING. FEELING  and EXPERIMENTING  and BECOMING  is the essence of this course . 

.... Implementation is the essence. Not thinking ! Understood ! Not thinking !  and accumulation of knowledge about enterprise and enterprising.

 As a student one will implement and practice  ones own ideas, in ones own way and method !

ONLY thing that matter is ... and What does not matter is . 

How big ? How rewarding ? How systematic ? Sustainable ? How expertly done ? If I have done or not !

This course prefers DOERs !  Not watchers ! 

Do EARLY , .. Not LATE done
Do SMALL / TINY   Ned not  be BIG , huge, Scalable, 
Do slow and low than speedier
SLOW GROWTH ones.. need not be High Growth
Bits and pieces , and Short Value Chain ..Not Long  value chain
As many different things, varieties of aspect . rather than few only ..

Course Outline ( 10 sessions of each 3 hrs. )

SN 1 ..How of  Student Enterprises ? 

Why, What , When and Who don't matter ! 
Bootstraping, Hurryly doing ! 
No-investment and low investment entities, Riskless enterprise, 

Don't buy a cycle and join cycling course to learn cycling ! 
Learn Cycling by using the neighbours Cycle !

Expert Entrepreneurs and Novoice Enterpreneurs 
Enterprises for Learning and Earning for survival 
No employees, No lock in ( fixed)  expense enterprise , No advtg expenses, Part of curriculum etc. 

Books you need to refer 

Lean startup book 
Zero to One  by Peter Thiel
The $100 Startup !
Startup Tubes   

SN 2..  Enterprise - Team, Enterprise Idea, Product, Business Model ..  Steve Blank, Lean Enterprise, 

B Plan vs. B Model : 
Accountants are  NOT Entrepreneurs ! 

Business Strategies :
Managers are  NOT Entrepreneurs ! 

SN 3 :  Formalization - Documentaiton.. Registration,  Bank account,  Deeds, Agreements, NDAs etc.

SN 4 .. Develop what best you can, and sell to whom you can sell, learn what best you can,  Product, selling, and Website, Brochure making

SN 5.. Execute .. Repeat, Repeat, 

SN 6 .. Execute ..Do differently and improved ways , What is the learning ? What new learning you need to learn ! Discover what you need to learn ! 

SN 7..  Meeting your senior alum enterpreneurs ! 

Mid Term Test .. Enterprise Registration 

SN 8  .. Meeting Angels and VCs

SN 9 .. Execute, Revise, Execute, and Revise and Execute

SN 10 . Time to evaluate the Enterprising and Enterprise

SN 11 .. Draw the road ahead for enterprise !

You tube video Channels - Sources :
 -  How to startup a startup  ? , - Y Combinator'  -  VC Circle, - Your story , - News Corp VCCircle , Kauffman Fellows Academy, - Lets Venture, Wharton School, 10,000 Startups NASSCOM, - This  week in Startups , - Elagaan.comStartup Asia, ET Now,  Harvard Innovation Labs , - Standford E corner Podcasts ,  - Stanford School of Business, 

- Coursera courses ... Isreal Institute of Technology - Enterpreneruship course
 - Rashmi Bansal - Awake and Aware book on Student Enterrises 

Student Startup Assignment 

Bombay Exhibition Society visits 

Course Evaluation Scheme

I. CREATION of your own - Customer, Product, Market, and Enterprise  ( > 40 % ) : 

Enterprise registration, Website  / Brochure / Visiting cards  made, Bank account,  Team made, Rent agreements made, Vendors, NDAs , DIN , PAN, B Plans won, Investments made, Angels , VCs meetings, Bank account, Enterprise accounts built, Assignments made for other courses ,  Permissions  / approvals took, Incubation support won, 

Priority here is learning by DOING.. DOING and REDOING Etc

II. DOCUMENTING / SYSTEMATISING -  ( 50 % ) : Products ready and delivered, Business model developed, 

Priority here is pushing to do... which is value generating !.. DOING something VALUE giving is the focus .. 

III. MILE STONES CROSSED : ( 10 % ) . . Sales and revenues made, Customer satisfaction achieved, Future for enterprise , 

Sorry ! Less focus given for OUTCOME. It is assumed that if II is taken care. III is automatic.. Further, being academc learning  course, focus here is NOT EARNING but LEARNING.. Hence this variable is lessened.. Sorry.. As you become enterpreneurs, your VCs will value this more. Not a professor like me.. Please bear with me for this..

NITIE Student Startups - List 

Madala Foundation StartShips ! 

EDC course Project + Six months Project + Summer Project + Other course related assignments

- Priyanka Kathuria, AB Trends