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Enterpriisng Acad System at NITIE FIVE things

NITIE Mumbai Student Startups - How and Why?

Students have  great ideas to start their  starups but they dont !
Students have energy and needed hardwork to make a startup work , but they dont do .. WHY ?
Students is the right time to start startups, but they dont ? Do you know why ?

Reason is ACADEMIC !

Academic dont allow them to do so. Many times academics pose hindrances for the students to start their startups !
NITIE Academic system embed student startups as part of academic learning. Hence, NITIE Students do their student startups when they are students !
NO need for.... Searching for Business ideas ! Risk taking ? Hard and extra work ! Resource requirement !  No need to sacrifice the academic learning, No need to sacrifice placement ! No need for interest in entrepreneurship !  NO need to become an enterpreneur !

Rather  the student becomes best student ! What ever one wants to become one can use the startup for ones advantage . If a student want to become a employee yes, one can make use of the startup to get best placement !
Learning Value Chain !

Visualizing  hundreds and thousands of curricular activities, experiences, assignments, experiments carried out by the learners as '  sequentially connected and complementary ones, resulting  BEST USE and REAL CASH VALUE to the learnes !

Is it anything wrong to visualise so ! Is it not possible to do so ! Is it not required for a student !
One who studies at NITIE, automatically develops an  ENTERPRNEURIAL MINDSET ! Yes.
There are fair chances !  It is the track record .

Does this mean NITIE is E School ?  NO.
Is there a incubation center which is the reason for this  ?  No.
Do NITIE  arrange resources for  this to happen ? No.
If NITIE guide students to pick up a good idea  and implement it  ? No.
Is it that the NITIE pick up entrepreneurial  students with extra passion, working, risk taking and hence, enterpreneurs ? No.

How come the students become entrepreneurial when so many NOs are as responses !

FIVE things first  ! 

1.  It is said ……… become enterpreneur ,  One needs .. Icha, Tamanna, Layak, Kshamat, Junoon, Josh, Hardwork, Resoruces, Risk appetite, Mentoring and many more need to create a startup and to become an entrepreneur !  Shit !  Yes.. Non sense  ! 
Most people cant do startups because of these reasons  !  

2. Many students who are  keen about entrepreneurship may launch  startups if they get support !  But the support is ZERO !  Hence, they dont start  the startups !  

Scene in NITIE is very different !  NITIE Has magic to make possible to do startups without needing any  resources , background, and work experience, etc. 

3.   If you take admission in  NITIE ( Behoshi)  students unware and unknowlgnly  start thinking of enterpreneurship !  This is what happens at NITIE.  If you entered the college , bas, Enterprising gus jai gayega !  Ye NITIE ka 
Jalwa !

4. Kaaran,  Padnae ka dang haisa hao ,  Dandha  chad jathe hai !  
Padna ka Rastha waisi hai, Aisa Banaya gaya !  
Padanae ka dang hee enterprising mode pae hai !

5. Startup banana aasan, avaleel karvaaya !


2. Many things considered essential   for entrepreneurship in reality do not exist at nitie. Surprising thing ! Examples include..

NITIE does not have .. INCUBATION !
NITIE alum are not handhold the way typical startups in market are done.
NITIE does not have a chair professor who dedicatedly works for enterpreneurhsip !

The proof is that enterpreneurship flourishes with many other alternate ways  too !

Proof is.. Several NITIANs become entrepreneurs ! 

500 Alum  enterprises in the last 12 to 15 yrs or so ! 

However, there is vibrant enterpreneurship at nitie. How come this possible ? What will account for this ? 
What accounts for this feat of NITIE for this achievements ? 
What NITIE has  which other institutions dont have ?

Trend is, they join the jobs and leave their  jobs and start ventures after working for some time. May be 1 to 2 years. This is the scheme that is envisaged  and worked out planned manner  at NITIE.

NITIANs alum couples both join the jobs, one leave the job quickly and the other start supporting the enterprising spouse ! 

Most of the alum have done ENTERPRISING  being a Student at NITIE. This is the CENTRAL thing that need to be noted. How tiny and micro does not matter ! But it was done ! 
3. Fundamental Beliefs of NITIE on Enterpreneurship  Education are DIFFERENT !

1.  Enterprising need  not mean  Enterpreneurship alone
2.  Selling  and Earning are directly related to enterprising 
3.  Enterprising is not content and subject. It is a way of life, and inculcated through a way of learning and  certain methods of learning are intervened  as part of learning 
4. Enterprising is for all but not exclusive  to FEW  who are interested in it
5. Learning process  is invariably VALUE emitting one .  Academic learning need to be designed to recognise, collect, connect and organise the same so that value does not go in drain. Projects made in academics can be extended to be converted into Products and Profits to students

Combining all this innovative thoughts together a Super Teacher brand called 1 / 12 Mandi Sir is being created . Students take inspiration from this teacher. NITIE Faculty emulate the philosophy of this model teacher. The NITIE Super Teacher model 1/ 12 Mandi has emerged a rennaince and rejuvenation of higher education  across the world . The imagined pic of the teacher is as following.
These FIVE   unique things  that Differentiate NITIE on Entrepreneurship ! 
1. 1/ 12 Mandi Sir:  Each faculty becomes a mandi sir, and help the students for enterprising. This is the most important feature . 
2. Maha Mandi Experience : Day long Field selling enterprising experience to all !  ( 450 out of 450 ). Most engaging learning. Lag Gaya - Dhandha ! 
3. Entrepreneurship Practicum : A focused practicum where students are guided on enterpreneruship practicum.  (100 out of 450 students )
4. 9 Months project  : 10 Students  out of 150 and 450   create their own startups
5. Summer Enterprise Project:  Interested try to get in!  ( 2 or 3 out of 450)
FEW  more things which surely have COMMON reasons !
6. 3 Months Field Project : 
7. Allum Mentoring : 
8. Mumbai Advantage 
9. Industry Connectedness 
10. Deferred Placement Policy 
Yet to introduce !  11. Enterprising Scholarship 

Infavour of Student Startups !

Placement Plus
Learning Maximised
Monetised Learning
No Risk Involved
No additional work .. How this is possible ! Series model of circuit !
- The plan here is .. that it wont happen …. For this there is innovation by 1/ 12 Mandi Sir at NITIE !

- Helps you Placement rather startup wont spoil the prospects !
- No extra effort, but what all the work one has to do will be  done as part of the startup ! .. Series
- No need for any money and resources ! .. Answer is Lean Startup !

A to Z of academic activity being carried out by the students is innovatively used as part of STARTUP ? How ?

- It is usual for the students to take to enterpreneurship and startup once their studies are completed.  It is noting new . An innovation in academic learning we can witness at nitie. Studies done by a typical student are automatically converted into a startup is the innovation we can witness at NITIE Mumbai.  There is no need for separate and additional effort one need to do for a startup.

Everything that a typical student is doing as part of academic learning will get converted into a startup ! 

In a typical two year PG studies program students study 30 to 40 courses, with one or two  year end immersion projects , writing several assignments and  examinations, in addition,  short quizzes, many tests etc.  Assume that two years program is a  typical CIRCUIT, the 30 to 40 academic courses  as the RESISTORS constituting as part of a overall STARTUP emergence of a entity with value.  Similar to voltage which makes a bulb  to glow, application of Knowledge, and practice of Skills by the learners done as part of  will go on adding value into the startup ! Important thing to be noted is that everything done as part of academic curriculum is not wasted rather captured and  but complementarily decked into creation of a valued startup !

In case, the bulb does not glow, it means that the resistors are not connected COMPLEMENTARILY, or the BULB is not working, or the resistors are not

This Student startup @ NITIE  is different to that of a typical startup !

- There is ZERO RISK capital involved in case of a student startup ! It is  sheer COMBINING and COMPLEMETNING all the WORKING done as part of academic learning !

-  Entrepreneurship Eco system is irrelevant to the Student Startups !

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