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Ent Dev Elective 2019 - 20: 
Student Start Up @ NITIE

SHOOT - SHOOT - SHOOT and ... then  THINK ! 
This works for Javani, not for Buzurg ! This is what young will do ! 
This is the way for YOUNG to  L E A R N  ! 
This is what we  believe ! 

Course Take aways.. 

- Walk out the course with your own enterprise, which is TINY, and CUTE , TESTED and  READY for SCALE UP  ! 

- Course contents are applied with an intention to LEARN  through EXPERIMENTATION, You are going to  practice the contents as part of your startup ! 

-  Developed a small band of young friends who had worked  with you on the startup and might become partners in your enterprise !

- With experience of launching and running an enterprise.. Minus, to Zero to One and More than One .. ! 

-  You built a SPECIAITY of yourself by differentiating amongst the other students in your batch !  

- You will achieve.. Many  in  One.. :  GRADE + (L)EARNING + Friendships + Future in your fist !
About the course: 

This course is  DOING. FEELING  and EXPERIMENTING  and BECOMING  is the essence of this course . 

.... Implementation is the essence. Not thinking ! Understood ! Not thinking !  and accumulation of knowledge about enterprise and enterprising.

 As a student one will implement and practice  ones own ideas, in ones own way and method !

ONLY thing that matter is ... and What does not matter is . 

How big ? How rewarding ? How systematic ? Sustainable ? How expertly done ? If I have done or not !

This course prefers DOERs !  Not watchers ! 

Do EARLY , .. Not LATE done
Do SMALL / TINY   Ned not  be BIG , huge, Scalable, 
Do slow and low than speedier
SLOW GROWTH ones.. need not be High Growth
Bits and pieces , and Short Value Chain ..Not Long  value chain
As many different things, varieties of aspect . rather than few only ..

Course Outline ( 10 sessions of each 3 hrs. )

SN 1 ..How of  Student Enterprises ? 

Why, What , When and Who don't matter ! 
Bootstraping, Hurryly doing ! 
No-investment and low investment entities, Riskless enterprise, 

Don't buy a cycle and join cycling course to learn cycling ! 
Learn Cycling by using the neighbours Cycle !

Expert Entrepreneurs and Novoice Enterpreneurs 
Enterprises for Learning and Earning for survival 
No employees, No lock in ( fixed)  expense enterprise , No advtg expenses, Part of curriculum etc. 

Books you need to refer 

Lean startup book 
Zero to One  by Peter Thiel
The $100 Startup !
Startup Tubes   

SN 2..  Enterprise - Team, Enterprise Idea, Product, Business Model ..  Steve Blank, Lean Enterprise, 

B Plan vs. B Model : 
Accountants are  NOT Entrepreneurs ! 

Business Strategies :
Managers are  NOT Entrepreneurs ! 

SN 3 :  Formalization - Documentaiton.. Registration,  Bank account,  Deeds, Agreements, NDAs etc.

SN 4 .. Develop what best you can, and sell to whom you can sell, learn what best you can,  Product, selling, and Website, Brochure making

SN 5.. Execute .. Repeat, Repeat, 

SN 6 .. Execute ..Do differently and improved ways , What is the learning ? What new learning you need to learn ! Discover what you need to learn ! 

SN 7..  Meeting your senior alum enterpreneurs ! 

Mid Term Test .. Enterprise Registration 

SN 8  .. Meeting Angels and VCs

SN 9 .. Execute, Revise, Execute, and Revise and Execute

SN 10 . Time to evaluate the Enterprising and Enterprise

SN 11 .. Draw the road ahead for enterprise !

You tube video Channels - Sources :
 -  How to startup a startup  ? , - Y Combinator'  -  VC Circle, - Your story , - News Corp VCCircle , Kauffman Fellows Academy, - Lets Venture, Wharton School, 10,000 Startups NASSCOM, - This  week in Startups , - Elagaan.comStartup Asia, ET Now,  Harvard Innovation Labs , - Standford E corner Podcasts ,  - Stanford School of Business, 

- Coursera courses ... Isreal Institute of Technology - Enterpreneruship course
 - Rashmi Bansal - Awake and Aware book on Student Enterrises 

Student Startup Assignment 

Bombay Exhibition Society visits 

Course Evaluation Scheme

I. CREATION of your own - Customer, Product, Market, and Enterprise  ( > 40 % ) : 

Enterprise registration, Website  / Brochure / Visiting cards  made, Bank account,  Team made, Rent agreements made, Vendors, NDAs , DIN , PAN, B Plans won, Investments made, Angels , VCs meetings, Bank account, Enterprise accounts built, Assignments made for other courses ,  Permissions  / approvals took, Incubation support won, 

Priority here is learning by DOING.. DOING and REDOING Etc

II. DOCUMENTING / SYSTEMATISING -  ( 50 % ) : Products ready and delivered, Business model developed, 

Priority here is pushing to do... which is value generating !.. DOING something VALUE giving is the focus .. 

III. MILE STONES CROSSED : ( 10 % ) . . Sales and revenues made, Customer satisfaction achieved, Future for enterprise , 

Sorry ! Less focus given for OUTCOME. It is assumed that if II is taken care. III is automatic.. Further, being academc learning  course, focus here is NOT EARNING but LEARNING.. Hence this variable is lessened.. Sorry.. As you become enterpreneurs, your VCs will value this more. Not a professor like me.. Please bear with me for this..

NITIE Student Startups - List 

Madala Foundation StartShips ! 

EDC course Project + Six months Project + Summer Project + Other course related assignments

- Priyanka Kathuria, AB Trends

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