Monday, May 20, 2019

Mandi and The Leanest Start Up @ NITIE

Maha Mandi @ NITIE : The Leanest Start Up

1.'Heroic Enterpreneurs / People make Great Enterprises' theory is Popular myth 

There are no Great people.. Great enterprises are built by people like you and me . These people have simple ideas,, started as they were, and what they have, It is test, retest, add on, grow,  iterations, how fast one can learn, how fast you set to learn . Pivot that matters..

Unit of progress in Mandi is different from  established management system... efficiently producing things  Vs. fast learning,  how fast one validating the learning 

All big things are made up of small / tiny things  

Learn .. Experiment ... Survive... Pivot...


There VISIONs ! It is invented ! Unearthed ! one more myth  ! 

Roots of lean start up... Validate the Learning 

Built, Measure, and Learn .. 
Do Opposite what u planned.. Learn, Measure, and Built 

- Through failing, learning is validated, taken to succeed ! 

Big Picture... ( V + S = Big picture ! 

Vision of Mandi .. Big picture of Mandi..( V + S )

Having Mandi...... 

Strategy is subject to change,
Strategy changes more often than Vision.. Vision never changes .

Define.. Startup ..

What is Mandi ? 

Mandi is startup is a setup, consciously designed + with a objective to make students to confront uncertainities and having outcomes either failures / successes but surely not FATAL ( allow to sustain / live / escape and continue ).....

Current academic learning is not  designed on this philosophy. 

Designed on  

- 100 % Certainties 
- No Success and No failure
- No outcomes .. ( Fatal and No fatal ) 
- High Dependencies . Everything is taught, Dependence on others for day to day survival
Success + Learning (Cannot be Fatal.. )

Success + No Learning (Cannot be Fatal..)
Failure + Learning  + ( Fatal.. and Finished
Failure + No Learning + ( Fatal and Finished )
Failure + Huge Learning ( Overcome FATALITY.. and Not got Finished and Survived for next rounds  ) .. Mandi is this form..



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