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Entrepreneurship Development 2015 Course @ NITIE

Entrepreneurship Development 2015
Elective Course - NITIE, Mumbai

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This course is ELECTIVE    for NITIE  II year students  in 5th module.. Course has THREE  credits weightage.

Course  Objectives

  • To provide REAL FEEL of a commercial activity, imagined, implemented with its full impact on self
  • To provide a platform so as to IMPLEMENT + INTEGRATE  the various course learnings. This  includes   that the students implement their  learnings from KG - Kinder Garden studies to  TO DATE .  
  • Students may also DO and IMPLEMENT things that they have not LEARNT but with a view to to DO first and then followed by LEAR ! 
  • Make the students to experience their entrepreneurial potential and 
  • Make them to plan their future career more ENTREPRENEURIAL 


Course  try to full cycle of entrepreneurial journey. 

Learning in this course typically cover -  Idea generationPlanning and working out  an Idea Implementation - Creating Enterprise  for idea implementation - Bearing the  Impact of idea implementation..

Unique things about the course

It is Practical course.
Self focused - Course is focused on student self. At the end of the course student must engage, experience and evolve..
Integration of what already a student knows and capable of is the focus of this course .. NO attempt will be made by the faculty to upload more information and or equip more techniques in the name of course learning. Present course expects the students to retrieve and pool together and what all the students learned / and what ever they are learning as inputs
Value creation - Course expects the students to create an economic value without fail. Economic value creation by the students is VALUED MOST.
Self Reliance  is focus..  

Pedagogy : DO EARNABLE way, and LEARN

This course  NOT focused for .... 

listening to lectures, knowing of the things and the processes , understanding  and  researching about the world .  These things might be there as part of the course but  these are NOT the FOCUS of the course.

Focus of this course is  EXECUTING,  EXPERIENCING the  ENTERPRISING in the form of  business activities

Learning is essentially imparted through the mode of  a  STUDENT  START UP .  Students are assigned to launch their own startup as part of learning the course. 

Pedagogy  followed in the course learning  is more STUDENT CENTRIC and STUDENT  DRIVEN. There will be less number of class room based learning. Much of the learning is targeted for providing the students experience of the business outside of the academic setting.   

Students are advised / guided to work on  an enterprise that they can launch without constraints. 

 Students are activiey guided to select an START UP that they can DO and IMPLEMENT along with their regular academic curriculum @ NITIE Mumbai.....Students are  specifically advised and discouraged NOT to choose and select an START UP IDEA that  they CANNOT implement during and as part of their academic studies.

Course Evaluation : T H R E E  components. ( A + B + C + D..  )

A. Earning My FIVE Square Meals  20 Marks

During the course each of the students are assigned to earn atleast  FIVE square meals that they eat. The experience of  earning the FIVE square meals will be one of the important inputs taken for course learning.  

Earning FIVE Square meals by the students must meet TWO conditions mentioned below:

1. Earning has to happen on their own... meaning self employed .  Employed with somebody / some shop or establishment is NOT acceptable. One has to visualize, imagine, plan and implement what one wants to do earn theie FIVE square meals..

2. For earning TEN square meals, students must  necessarily  use all that the knowledge + skills that they acquired all through their academic life. They must must make their earning by applying / utilizing   their  competences ( K + S )  that they acquired. Earning TEN square meals by NOT engaging their Knowledge is NOT acceptable. 

B. Enterprise Practicum:  40 marks..

Students are expected to complete minimum of  TWO of the following criteria related to their startup enterprise. Meeting the criteria is important to score marks. 
  • Formal registration of ones own enterprise
  • Launching a website for ones own enterprise
  • Readying  the product and / or service for the enterprise
  • Opening the bank account in the name of the enterprise
  • Executing deeds and   or bonds with Business partners,  vendors, customers etc.
  • Procuring the Business of Rs. 5000 /- 
  • Achieving an Enterprise turnover Minimum of  Rs 5, 000  / -  
 More about the concept of  START UP as part of this course ....

The Start up students launch in this course may not be the ULTIMATE / DREAM Enterprise that they  want to start in their future.. Idea is not to make the future enterprise of yours make happen  now it self.

Purpose of starting a start up as part of this course is it to make the students to understand, to know what a start up will look like.  

' Enterprising that can be done as part of a course' is the single most important principle will be taken in to consideration

 - Deliberately, students will be assigned  to start -  Small, tiny, tenable startups rather than big, mighty, huge enterprises which are generally found NOT possible to be implemented by student entrepreneurs. It is not the size and scale that matter most for effective learning.. Rather enterprising activities having long and complete VALUE CHAINS in an enterprise are preferred )
C. Launching NITIE Allumni Enterpreneurs Annual  Meet:

This course students are assigned to launch  NITIE Allumni Enterpreneurs Meet during Feb / March months at NITIE. CIE and Empressario groups  will also support this initiative of by NITIE enterpreneurship course students. This meet will become annual event and every year NITIE Allumni enterprneurs will be invited to NITIE students will benefit from the interaction with such allumni.  

D. Final  End Term Exam : 40   marks

Assignment Submission: 

Students are expected to submit the following assignments. ON LINE

1. My TEN square meals earning experiencesEntrepreneurial opportunities, Enterprising competencies,  

2. Experiencing of launching  my own startup

3. E Plan for my Startup 

4. Registration of a Start up

References and Books 

Steve Jobs biography


Venkat Raman PPT on Ent. Edn:

Babson vidoes on YOu tube:

Reference blogs:

TIE Mumbai Videos:

Paresh Masade - 
Founder, Coherendz wrote this  mail to current students..

 Dear Rahul,  Please forward my mail to all the students of IE batch.

Dear Juniors,

Wish this mail finds you looking out for how to spend time effectively, am sure module 3 is when you get lot of free time.

To introduce myself, I am Paresh Masade, your senior (IE 37), working on to build the product company called - Coherendz. I started that while i was at campus and took it full-time after NITIE. I came to know from prasad sir is that none from IE have shown interest in Entrepreneurship Development Course, it was very disheartening and so i thought of writing mail to you guys sharing my experience. 

I am sure there would be many of you who want to start a company, sometime in future, and there are many who should be looking for a good placement. For either of you, this course is a real kickoff and a must opt in. I have put down the thoughts on why should you start a company while you are in campus...

Best time to try out things, learn from experience.
Lessons running a company cannot be thought, there can be no classroom knowledge that will replace your experience in working in startup. Given that most of the startups fail, and real learning comes from failure, it would be an opportunity for you to experience failure. Campus is the best place to fail, once you are out, it would be much costlier to fail. What it takes to build a company is ability to be resilient, being resilient can only be experienced. So, if you wish to start in future, sure do that after taking a job, but its worth experiencing it now. 

Helps in skills and placements.
Companies i have known, seek entrepreneurial job seekers. I was short listed in 7 companies for interviews based on my resume. I missed jobs as i was probably too frank in saying that i will stay with them for about couple of years. Companies are always looking for people who can come up and take up leadership positions. The salaries of over a million rupees are offered only because they feel we have the ability to take initiatives. And an initiative like starting a company on your resume would boast about your leadership skills. 
So, even those seeking better placements, it would be a real add on. 

Apart from that you get the first hand experience of subjects you learn, right from marketing management, finance to HR. You will understand what it takes to keep people motivated (HR), you will innovate on ways to position and market your product. You will learn what it means to lead a team/ work in a team. Be it supply chain or anything, you will understand that none of what you learn in books at NITIE can be directly implemented.

You will become more confident,
The best of my experience in working on a startup is it made me more confident, what startups give you is lot of challenges and as you work on them they make you stronger, it gives you the belief that however big the problem be, you will be able to find out a solution and not give up. A quality that will stay with you rest of the life.

So guys, go ahead and opt for the course, it will be the best experience for you. 

Here are a few blog posts about my experience:

feel free to shoot any questions you have at

warm regards
Paresh Masade

Coherendz -
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