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ED Course Letter to I Year Students

Entrepreneurship Development Course 
@  NITIE     I Year Students     2012 - 13

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Welcome to Entrepreneurship Development (ED)  Elective course  2012 – 13 ! Purpose of this blog is to clarify few things regarding the elective – ED.




This course  NOT focused for ....  listening, knowing, understanding  and  researching.  These things may be done as part of the course but  these are NOT the FOCUS of the course.

Focus of this course is  DOING, EXPERIENCING the  ENTERPRISING in the form of  business activities

Learning is essentially imparted through the mode of  a  START UP .  Students are assigned to launch their own startup during the course.

ED  course will be taught in  practical style.  There will be less number of theory classes as part of the course.  Belief here is that every student who came to the level of PG has had enough of theory and no practical exposure to the extent minimum that is desired  is provided as part of curricular learning.  Immediate need is to drive the students to practical exposure. Students will be assigned to practice entrepreneurship rather than listen to the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. The aim of the course is to give the opportunity to the students to realize their  entrepreneurial abilities through PRACTICE. 

3.     Extent  of practice of ‘Entrepreneurship’ by the Students will be criteria to  assess the scholastic achievement of the students. Focus is not on the knowledge acquisition rather on the application and value creation.

Co curricular:

4.     An additional feature of this course is that students will be arranged to interact with a group of NITIE Alumni Entrepreneurs  ( On line and Offline ) so as to get mentoring and  guidance.  You can visit the group by visiting the face book page..

General suggestions :

5.     Students  are encouraged to enroll in  small teams ( 2 or  3, Mix of boys and girls ) rather than individuals.  The course encourage and assign the students to work in small teams so as to launch their own enterprises and run them . If the students join as small teams, it  will facilitate.  Let me share that the course learning and teaching strongly discourages the students to work as Individuals.  NITIE Students are allowed and encouraged to pick up student business partners ( boys and girls ! ) belonging to other colleges too.  
6.     To facilitate student enterprising  @ NITIE, there is an attempt to develop NITIE Alumni Venture Fund .. This fund is Private Equity firm and try to invest in student enterprises. There is already informal network of NITIE alumni who are aspiring to invest in select enterprises.

Special benefits due to pursuing the course: Students who take this course are benefited beyond the  mere learning and grades.

7.      Students who take this course will end up with an enterprise of their own by the end of the course.   

    Students if they are willing, continue to work on their enterprise further in to their summer internships ( Mar – July )  immediately following this course.  As you are aware  NITIE encourages the students to work on their own  enterprises as summer projects and award necessary academic credits to the students.  Again, students continue to work on their enterprises is absolutely OPTIONAL. There is no compulsion of what so ever. 
8.     Students who take this course may get an opportunity to further continue to work on their enterprise even during their second year of their academic pursuit at NITIE. It is important to recognize that students can concurrently work on their enterprise and at the same time they can pursue their academic pursuit, make use of the enterprise experience to submit various academic assignments during second year of study.

9.     Taking this course also provide an opportunity to the students to  apply their theoretical learning in their enterprise and test the validity and relevance of their theoretical leanings.    

10.                        This ED course is NO way against the PLACEMENT..   Rather it enhances the placement opportunities for the students. 

 Let the students be reminded  that   

     Best Recruiting Companies look for people who have demonstrated their  enterprising competence in concrete terms rather than those employees  who only talk about enterprising .

11.                         Finally, this course will be useful to those who aspire to become entrepreneurs some time in future.  In reality, course pursuit will reduce the overall time taken for any  student  to become  an entrepreneur.

It will be  my pleasure to clarify if any doubts the students have regarding the course.  Write to – … mobile. 09869464525

Dr T Prasad

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